O Grove

Beaches, hot springs and seafood, make the town of O Grove one of the most popular attractions of Galicia.
The contrasting colors of their boats draws an unforgettable picture. Its population, in addition to its main dedications: shellfishing and inshore fishing, also works in mussels, oysters and scallops factories. Main reason for not leave the city without trying them at any local tavern. The port O Grove is a fishing and mussel port very close to the A Toxa Island, whose fame comes from its medicinal waters. The therapeutic properties to the skin and respiratory tract of its water and mud, and salts and soaps that are made from them, have turned the island into a major seaside resort. A Toxa is the largest island, half a dozen, which emerge with the rhythm of the tides in the marsh of O Vao. In O Grove celebrates the exaltation festival dedicated to the seafood, declared of National Tourist Interest. It covers several days always around October 12.