Sálvora Island

Belonging to the National Park Shoreline Atlantic Islands of Galicia , is the most unknown island of this park.
Located at the mouth of the estuary Arousa and surrounded by numerous islets, Sálvora has a wealth of flora and fauna preserved due to the limited influence that man has had for centuries. Fine hills emphasizes his character, which reaches its highest point in the 71m. and makes it clear that in a very distant land was linked to the land. The rugged coastline and the constant pounding of the sea prevented the formation of beaches, but there, on the inside, sheltered and unspoilt, are an enviable place for those looking for quiet walks. You can choose among Almacén or Castelo Beach. The humanized landscape, besides the deserted village, consists of the pier, next to the beach, the Castle of the same name, the old cellar - now chapel - the lighthouse and legendary mermaid sculpture , at the entrance of the pier. The only inhabitants of the islands are wild horses and deer .