Vigo, modern and cosmopolitan city is the fastest growing city in the twentieth century, despite that, has maintained its tradition and culture while preserving their own identity.
During our stay in Vigo, we should have time to follow some recomendations for making our visit more enjoyable:

  • Bouzas, old fishing village. Is the 100th anniversary of the joint of this small fishing village to the municipality of Vigo moving from just a village to a district due to the rapid growth of the city.
  • Mercado da Pedra . A Pedra Market is one of the most historic and popular fresh markets of Vigo and the most valued by tourists.
  • Rúa das Ostras . This street is an obligatory visit to savor one of the best sea fruits of the Ría de Vigo: oysters - ostras in Galician- which also give name to this street.
  • Rúa dos Cesteiros and Praza Almeida . This street preserves the tradition of one of the traditional Galician art: basketry.
  • San Sebastian Castle. In the reign of Felipe IV, in 1656, the walls were built to protect the city Vigo from the continuing looting. At that time they also built the stronghold of Lae and the castle of San Sebastián.